Day 25 In Quarantine

Today is the Twenty-Fifth day of being quarantined with myself.

I’m trying to be positive but how can I when the rest of my life is on hold or maybe this is a sign that everything else in my life is not genuine and not authentic. Perhaps life is more than the jobs we maintain and the people we surround ourselves by. Could it be that I am everything that I need in this life, but I have some evolving yet to do to become my best and most powerful self.

What does my most powerful self look like?

My most powerful self looks like a strong, confident energy which knows itself. It is felt and is able to seep unto other energies with how it feels and how it communicates, not by what the passenger (the body which the energy is held in) looks like. An energy which is not disturbed by the common mind. A feeling of comfort and warmth within.

How do I evolve and become?

I breathe the pain that I feel and let myself really feel. A firm hold of the thoughts that hurt and cause anxiety. It is always okay to feel but what matters the most is what to do with yourself in the time and space between the thought and the reaction. Reactions define us as much as do our thoughts.

How is one defined?

A being could be defined by what a person thinks society thinks of them through their actions and how they hold themselves around people. Other beings more like myself, believe that they are defined by their intentions and their perspectives and don’t dwell too much on their actions. How you see yourself is how others will see you and treat you. If you are not standing up for what you believe, how you feel and what you want, then how will you get where you want to be if you cannot/don’t visualise and manifest your own energy.


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