Mental health awareness day 2019

Today i’d like to discuss mental health and what helps me. #mentalhealthday2019

– Before we begin i’d like to state my gratitude towards my loved ones, my friends, my family and others who have no obligatory ties to me and yet still bless me with their energies! You guys have helped me so much, you’d never know what it means to me even when you guys talk about you to me. #mentalhealthawareness

Growing up I had come across a saying that “forgetfulness is a form of freedom” which forever resonated with me and the older I got i realised it’s a form of mental health illness as it had become my main coping mechanism and it lead to a lot of internal toxicity. It made me think it was always okay to forget feelings, experiences and lessons. In fact it became suppression out of routine. I became wreck less and inconsiderate due to the mindset of not caring for consequences because I knew I’d forget anyway.

This past year I have been on a total of 3 separate occasions of sick leaves; accumulating to a total of 67 days off work. Today is my fourth day back to work after being on sick leave for 7 weeks. This week has been hard, this entire year has been a challenge for me mentally. I have so many good minded friends and family members around me who check up on me without babying me and without making me feel like I am my illnesses. Our illnesses are not us. They don’t define us and they definitely aren’t what make us who we are. Mental illnesses enable us to grow, teach us who we want to be and create endless possibilities on how to achieve personal development. I am ever so grateful for the pains and the hardships i’ve been faced with. Today I am who I want to be regardless of the damages made to my internal person.

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