My generation

My generation is focused on selfishness, pettiness, living in unhappiness and reliving pain.

The women want things which dont help them and the men want things which will bring them nothing but problems.

The woman gas lights and the man will hurt you because he cannot conduct communication in good manners. The woman will then hurt herself in order for the man to communicate and this becomes a vicious cycle of living in pain. You think because they reassure you that they love and care for you that they mean it. Words don’t compare to actions. Settling for less is a common issue within society, it’s hard to give something up you feel warm towards. Some things don’t settle with the soul for a reason and you should always listen to your soul!

Society is most comfortable within company which feels comfortable and feeling ‘secure’. But what is security when it’s not from within?

A common trait which women, including myself hold is to ignore/turn a blind eye towards toxic behaviour in hope it’s just a phase or due to “something going on” in your partner’s life. This attitude is not okay. Toxic traits are always normalized within relationships and amongst your peers who are in relationships because reality is too harsh to face at times. If everyone were to always be honest about how they felt towards their partners’ attitudes at all times, there would be a lot less relationships.

Communication is key in relationships, friendships and within families. Without communication in a relationship, what is the point in being a relationship? Decisions affecting both parties would be made alone but affect both. The lives of both parties individually will start changing without communication and you will end up out growing one another purely because both parties were not being a team.

Loving your partner, the relationship and yourself all at the same is hard but it is definitely possible!

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